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Montgomery Public Schools Mission Statement

 We will engage, educate and inspire our students to succeed in college, career and beyond!



Montgomery Public Schools Vision Statement 

MPS is a place where every student develops a love of learning, cultivates intellectual curiosity and dreams of a future full of amazing possibilities.


Morningview’s Mission Statement


 We believe that all students can learn.  Our mission is to assess, identify, develop, and promote strategies designed to meet students’ needs and to provide developmental and educational opportunities for each student.  We promote wise decision-making and challenging opportunities that will enable all students to prepare for the technology of the future.  We are committed to continuous improvement that will enable our students to become more confident, self-directed, responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a safe and caring environment.


Montgomery Public Schools P R E S E N T S I T ’ S   F I R S T “ B E   T H E R E ”P A...

The iNOW Parent Portal is now available for access by parents/guardians.  Usernames and passwords must be acquired/requestedin...

Morningview Elementary Uniform and Dress Code Policy Shirts White or Red (solid, no stripes or prints) collared polo-type (long...
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