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Ms. Elliott, Counselor

Shaundalyn N. Elliott, Counselor

Offering Individual and Group Counseling (Fridays) Crisis Counseling (As Needed)


"Good Morning, Morningview Mustangs" is not my only favorite statement to make during our school's morning announcements, but it is also my reminder to every Morningview student to "remember that the best way to show love is to spread peace with the joy of a smile!'

As the counselor at Morningview Elementary School, it is my mission to impact the lives of all of our students by "spreading peace with the joy of a smile." A smile is an effortless, free counseling service that can be offered to anyone! This year we are practicing "Operation Smile for Miles," a collaborative attempt involving both the students and the faculty/staff at Morningview. This is our effort to impart joy to every individual with whom we come in contact.

Join the Morningview family in this concerted effort to promote a counseling strategy that improves faculty, staff and student self-esteem while building strong rapport!

Classroom Counseling Classes are offered to all students in grades k-6 bi-weekly at Morningview Elementary. On alternate weeks, students representing the school's Student Council, Cultural Awareness, High Steppers and Peer Mediation Clubs will meet for small group sessions.

Working together makes all the difference, so should your son or daughter require an individual counseling session regarding self-esteem, anger management, organization or family transitions, and I can be of assistance to you, please put your request in writing, address it to me and submit it to your son or daughter's teacher or to me directly. I will do my very best to accommodate your heartfelt request. Please be sure to also include a contact number where you can best be reached.   

I anticipate GREAT things from each of our students this year as we all endeavor to embrace "Operation Smile for Miles" while "spreading peace with the joy of a smile!"

Stop by the school at your leisure to receive a special dose of "Operation Smile for Miles" where a warm smile will meet you as you enter the building!

Have a fabulous school year!